Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Healthiest Winter Quinoa with Veggies

I have been feeling sick and was craving something hearthy... enter the Healthiest Winter Dish.
Known to the Mayans as the mother of all grains, Quinoa is said to have a high level of protein, hence an excellent addition to any vegetarian diet.

I learned that it [quinoa] needs to be soaked for 15 minutes and then cooked for 15 minutes.  It feels a little like cooking couscous, only it takes a bit longer. Worth it.

The Veggies part was done as follows:

Steam brocoli, carrots, red peppers and potatoes (I used one of each, except for the carrots (2))

Separatedly soak and cook beans of your choice, I used faba beans and soy beans (soaked overnight and cooked with vegetable stocking for flavor)

Once everything is ready, fry one onion with red peppers and dill, a little basil, plenty of olive oil.  When the onions are close to transparent, add the veggies and the beans.

Add salt and spices to taste.

One tip is that I never go easy on the olive oil, I want things to be tasty :)

Serve hot with the quinoa on the side and enjoy!

This dish made me feel healthy when I ate it.

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