Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Traditional Veggie Lasagna

That came out delish!

Got the  recipe by combining from a few sites on the internet.

1 big eggplant cut in small (1/4 inch squares)
1 red 1 green pepper cut small
1 container of mashrooms cut small
2 zuccinis cut small
Oilive oil
spices to taste
1/2 package of tofu
1 of those cubes of veggie stocking - the secret ;-)
2 eggs
1 container of fresh pasta for lasagna
Fresh basil
One can of pasta sauce

  1. Bake all the veggies at 400 for 30 minutes - make sure they are cut small.  I painted them with crushed garlic marinated in olive oil before I put them in the oven
  2. Remove the zuccini and mashrooms keep baking the rest of the veggies 15 more minutes
  3. Meanwhile... put the water to boil and when ready prepare the pasta for the lasgna
  4. saute the onions in oil or butter till brown then spice to taste add pasta sauce and add the veggie stock cube, once boiling lower the fire and let it be there for a while, add spices you like, I use oregano, basil, rosemary, fresh parsely etc.  Salt and pepper too.
  5. Mix the tofu (not a lot, I did it with half of one of those squares they serve, next time I will use a quarter) and eggs.
  6. Cut the basil finely
  7. When all is ready...
  8. Put in a pre oiled container a bit of pasta sauce, then one layer of lasagna pasta, overlay the pasta so that it really covers every peace
  9. Add one half of the veggies and one half of the eggs and tofu, top with chopped basil
  10. a little more sauce
  11. Another layer
  12. finish the top with sauce
  13. Bake for 40 or 50 minutes at 350
It is a bit of work but oh so worth it!



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