Saturday, December 26, 2009

Steamed Broccoli with soy protein no meat, meat.

Steamed broccoli and soy protein meat scramble is one of my most delicious winter dishes.

The broccoli must be steamed for about 15 minutes, you can do it for longer if you want to but I prefer a shorter cooking time so that it retains most of its nutrition value.  I add olive oil and salt while it is steaming, and it comes out delicious.

As per the soy protein, I buy one from Quorn, and then used sauted onlions, peppers, and lots of olive oil.  Then add the soy and for a few minutes, mostly to warm it up, then at the last minute one egg.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Healthiest Winter Quinoa with Veggies

I have been feeling sick and was craving something hearthy... enter the Healthiest Winter Dish.
Known to the Mayans as the mother of all grains, Quinoa is said to have a high level of protein, hence an excellent addition to any vegetarian diet.

I learned that it [quinoa] needs to be soaked for 15 minutes and then cooked for 15 minutes.  It feels a little like cooking couscous, only it takes a bit longer. Worth it.

The Veggies part was done as follows:

Steam brocoli, carrots, red peppers and potatoes (I used one of each, except for the carrots (2))

Separatedly soak and cook beans of your choice, I used faba beans and soy beans (soaked overnight and cooked with vegetable stocking for flavor)

Once everything is ready, fry one onion with red peppers and dill, a little basil, plenty of olive oil.  When the onions are close to transparent, add the veggies and the beans.

Add salt and spices to taste.

One tip is that I never go easy on the olive oil, I want things to be tasty :)

Serve hot with the quinoa on the side and enjoy!

This dish made me feel healthy when I ate it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Delicious "Bombones" from Argentina

This is MY FAVORITE dessert in all of Argentina.  while growing up I made it all the time.   There is noooothing like it... it is delicious!  and they are "bombones"  which google cannot translate, so let your palad do the transliteration.   
What you will need.

2 packs of galletitas Chocolinas  (picture credit).  Now I am aware these are not readily available at the Whole Foods or at the local super market, so I did some research and it turns out they sell them online!

I highly recomend you get them, you can try with other chocolate cookies but not sure if the effect will be so glorious, if you do however, do let me know how they turn out.

1 pint of dulce de leche (picture credit) which you can probably find at the supermarket in any Latino area, or, order online

1 bag of shredded coconut
Here is what to do:

Mash the chocolinas until they are like a powder.  I have fun with this part and usually enlist the help of whoever is around

Mix the dulce de leche in until you have a paste, then grab bits of it and make them into little balls, about one inch in diameter.  Yes your fingers will get dirty, but you wont mind, believe me.

Pass the balls through the shredded coconut

REFRIGERATE, THIS IS THE MAIN SECRET, for at least 30 minutes.
I know it will be hard not to start eating, but it is the refrigeration (freezer better) , that makes them hard and VERY TASTY

Enjoy responsibly, I'm not kidding

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lasagna, deliciosa!

This is a fantastic winter dish, but I must warn you, it is difficult to have only one portion...

A box of lasagna pasta (I prefer Whole Wheat)
One box of extra firm tofu
mashrooms (1 container as per the supermarket)
1 onion
1 tomato sauce for pasta of your preference (Newman's own is good)
Spieces to your taste, I like oregano and fresh rosemary

First, the most amazing secret that I learned from the movie adorable movie Mostly Martha and makes me hungry just to think about it, heat the oil and drop the fresh rosemary on it... nice!

I do this in two separate pans, one will be used to saute the onions, the other one to saute the mashrooms.

As per the mashrooms, I leanred this from the other adorable movie "Julie and Julia", make sure the mashrooms have enough room in between each other... oh yes!

I use half the tofu, and put it in the blender, then add the mashrooms (once they are sort of golden), and the sautee onions.  I also add salt, pepper and oregano at this point. Then blend.... hmmmm

Boil the pasta as per package instructions, be careful with the whole wheat ones, you may need to leave them a few minutes longer as I have found out.
Then layer and put the paste in the middle

Top with Tomato Pasta Sauce  (main top picture)

Bake at low temperature (no more than 300) mostly to dry a little, and enjoy!



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