Monday, September 20, 2010

Sandwiches de Miga Argentinean Style

The picture (left) comes from an amazing Argentinean blog of a woman that started cooking for family and friends, got some compliments, and now shares her culinary art through a blog.

Depicted you can see an Argentinean delicacy, they are called sandwiches de miga, which means sandwiches made out of the white of the bread (no borders).

They are so delicious (and expensive), that they belong in every argentinean party that prides itself in food delights.

I decided to try a more "yogic" approach and use bread from the farmers market in Cold Spring.  HB found this seven grain that called his attention and we tried it.

The thing with Sandwichitos is that they are moist, even though the bread is dry, and the trick relies in getting the balance between moisture and dryness just right.

So I cut away the borders and then chopped fresh ingredients for the inside:
a little mayo
fresh oregano
fresh dill
a touch of garlic

Then I put olive oil on the pieces of bread.  I am lucky to have brought some Argentinean olive oil in my last trip, but any good quality one will do.

I made sure to dry the mix before i placed it on the bread.  I actually put a paper towel around the mix.

If I would do them again (which I will) I think I would put a little more olive oil.  I would say about two soup spoonfuls per slice.  At least for this type of bread which is much thicker than the Argentinean style.

These are the first two that came out.  I know, I must put them under more light for next time, but let me tell you, they are delicious!




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