Friday, October 15, 2010

Indian tips for the perfect chai

Once upon a time I visited a tailor in India, he was to make me the most beautiful pants for the most incredible price, but his services did not end at that, he actually gave me a bigger present when he shared with me how his wife made chai, here is what he told me:

Get together the usual ingredients:
Cinnamon sticks
Ginger (better if fresh)
Pepper corns
Cardamon (better if you can find the whole seeds rather than the powder)
Bay leaves
Black tea (Darjeleen works very well)
and Cloves.

Put some water and all the ingredients and let them boil, just forget about them for 20 or 30 minutes so that the full flavor of all the spices is released.

Let them boil boil boil...

Then after the 20/30 minutes of that, bring milk in a separate container, to a boil.

Then, and here is the nice tip, do this number (see video), where you mix them together and pass them from one container to another.

Add more suggar than you could possibly want and ENJOY!

You may have difficulty sleeping if you drink this after 5 PM, or so I have found.



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