Monday, March 8, 2010

Raw chocolate pudding

Are we going raw? maybe, maybe not, but this raw chocolate pudding made with avocado is the stuff of the Gods, seriously if you have not tasted it yet you have not had a real life experience! Not only is it delicious, it is also live food, all healthy and good for you.

I know that the container looks as if I bought it in a deli, but I did not, is just that this is the only safe enclosed container I had available for refrigeration... yes THAT is raw.

The recipe comes from reading various blogs, books and then trying it on my own.  This is what I found to work best:

1 avocado ripped but not too soft, 1/4 cup of raw chocolate powder (good idea to get a good quality one), 1/2 cup agave syrup, pinch of sea salt and a little vanilla extract.

Blend everything making sure the texture is that of pudding (add a little water if necessary), refrigerate and enjoy. I dare you to eat only one portion, may not be possible!


  1. Hi, Cladia:

    I am going to try this. I eat an average of two avocados per week and have for many years, and I love chocolate.

    I am also going to try your 18-hour bread. I recently learned (as you suggest) that it is not necessary to knead the dough (although it's good upper body exercise).

    You are obviously a vegetarian. My best friend is vegan and she loves recipes. I'm going to direct her to your page.


  2. Thank you Dennis, I wonder if you tried the avocado puding already... for me it was the best discovery EVER.

    And isn't that cool? that the bread does not necessarily need to be kneaded so much?

  3. Not yet, Claudia, but I mentioned your chocolate/avocado recipe to my friend Amy and she rattled off the ingredients. She knew the recipe from taking a raw foods class at the Living Lights Culinary Arts Institute in Ft. Bragg, California a few years ago.




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